L A S  C A T A L I N A S

Purchased in 2006 by Las Catalinas Holding Company, LLC by Charles Brewer and a small group of partners, the first homes along Playa Danta were completed in 2011. Beach Town, the first of several neighborhoods within Las Catalinas, is approaching completion as home construction continues in the adjacent neighborhoods of Beach Town South and Punta Penca. Key components of Las Catalinas today include The Beach Club, the restaurant Limonada and the Pura Vida Ride outfitters shop. Most homes in town – currently about 45 privately owned residences – are vacation homes managed by Las Catalinas with a high level of service. Additionally, Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas, a 21 villa boutique hotel developed by NP International, will open February 2017 on the ridge above Punta Penca. Las Catalinas will break ground on a 50-room inn, a collection of commercial buildings and additional residential in April to complete the northern side of Beach Town. Las Catalinas Holding Company, LLC continues to own and manage the overall development. Charles Brewer is the managing partner; Neal Herman is Chief Operating Officer and manages the day-today operations. Over the course of the last ten years, Las Catalinas Holding Company has established best-in-class teams to manage the horizontal and vertical development, sales and operations. Additionally, construction teams have been assembled and trained to deliver the highest quality masonry and exposed timber construction in Costa Rica.


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